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Our mission is to reduce the burden of fire and other hazards on quality of life by providing training and education for fire officials and advocating and supporting scientifically-based consensus codes and standards. NEOFPA is not only a local non-profit organization but, more importantly, it is an organization advocating fire prevention throughout Northeast Ohio and is an authoritative source on public safety. The NEOFPA participates in the process of codes and standards development and have helped to protect both people and property throughout Northeast Ohio.

A nonprofit organization of dedicated professionals devoted to

Fire Prevention through Education and Code Enforcement


22 Sep 2021 · Michael Girbino

As the Home Fire Sprinkler Association Celebrates 25 years promoting occupant safety through residential fire suppression they continue to support the fire service in our efforts to educate the public

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07 Sep 2021 · Michael Girbino

Follow this link for more information on this year’s NFPA Fire Prevention Week campaign.

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16 Aug 2021 · Michael Girbino

Unsure what smoke alarm to consider recommending to those who reside in your jurisdiction, or even to install in your own home? Here are links to research articles from several

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12 Jul 2021 · Michael Girbino

Governor DeWine announced Friday he plans to veto the bill that would legalize 1.4G fireworks. Follow this link for more information:

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05 Jul 2021 · Michael Girbino

Follow this link to watch the story:

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30 Jun 2021 · Michael Girbino

Please join us in congratulating Assistant Fire Chief and NEOFPA Past President John Desmarteau on his retirement. Chief Desmarteau’s last day with the Middleburg Heights Fire Dept. is Friday July

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25 Jun 2021 · Michael Girbino

Please follow this link for more information.

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03 Jun 2021 · Michael Girbino

SB 113 passes the Senate and moves on to the House. Please follow this link for more information: Click on this link for detailed information regarding Senate Bill 113:

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08 May 2021 · Michael Girbino

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall for several True Sense combination Smoke/CO alarms manufactured by Kidde. These devices may fail to alert occupants to the products of

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22 Apr 2021 · Michael Kocab

With assistance from industry leader American Fireworks we have assembled a series of lectures and hands on demonstrations that will assist you with your next fireworks show. Topics covered will

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Photoelectric Smoke Alarms Save Lives!

Almost four decades of research has shown that the most popular smoke alarm, which is in 90% of homes in America, is failing at an alarming rate.

These ionization smoke alarms are alerting tens of minutes slower than the other type, photoelectric smoke alarms, in the deadly smoldering stage of a fire. They are also more prone to nuisance false alarms from ordinary cooking and steam from showers. Get the facts here, and get safe alarms!

The Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Information pages on this site contain extensive information about the differences in detector technology, real-world testing results, examples of legislation enacted across the country ensuring photoelectric smoke alarms are specified in applicable codes, and other resources.

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