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Our mission is to reduce the burden of fire and other hazards on quality of life by providing training and education for fire officials and advocating and supporting scientifically-based consensus codes and standards. NEOFPA is not only a local non-profit organization but, more importantly, it is an organization advocating fire prevention throughout Northeast Ohio and is an authoritative source on public safety. The NEOFPA participates in the process of codes and standards development and have helped to protect both people and property throughout Northeast Ohio.

A nonprofit organization of dedicated professionals devoted to

Fire Prevention through Education and Code Enforcement


11 Jan 2022 · Michael Girbino

Consumer Reports has rated the best smoke and CO alarms for the upcoming year. Click on the link to read the full article.

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09 Jan 2022 · Michael Girbino

At least 19 people are dead, Including 9 children in what authorities are describing as the deadliest fire the city has seen in 30 years. The fire ripped through an

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05 Jan 2022 · Michael Girbino

A blaze early Wednesday morning claimed the lives of 12, including 8 children in a Philadelphia apartment complex. Officials are still investigating. Follow this link to read the article by

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05 Jan 2022 · Michael Girbino

Please note that our January membership meeting and con-ed will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams. Members who have registered for the event will receive an email message the morning

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18 Dec 2021 · Michael Girbino

Chagrin Valley Fire Department has organized a bone marrow donor drive to help their Fire Marshal and our long-time board member Jim Finley. Jim was diagnosed with Leukemia earlier this

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08 Dec 2021 · Michael Girbino

The story of Alvaro Llanos and Shawn Simons! Survival. Perseverance. Inspiration. Please click on this link to view the press release regarding our December meeting featuring Mr. Llanos and Mr.

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09 Nov 2021 · Michael Girbino

Mike Girbino, our current Secretary was recently recognized by the Ohio Building Officials Association and received their “Ohio Fire Official of the Year” Award. The announcement was made during the

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08 Nov 2021 · Michael Girbino

Click on the link to read the full article from Spectrum News1.

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27 Oct 2021 · Michael Kocab

Attached, you will find the November NEO Newsletter – packed full of upcoming meeting information, additional virtual training opportunities and an overview of our recent Fall Conference!

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30 Sep 2021 · Michael Kocab

18 Oct @ 11:00 am – 20 Oct @ 12:00 pm 2021_Fall_Conference October 18-20 2021 Safety Forces Personnel – This is for You!Get ready to learn from amazing speakers during the day

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Photoelectric Smoke Alarms Save Lives!

Almost four decades of research has shown that the most popular smoke alarm, which is in 90% of homes in America, is failing at an alarming rate.

These ionization smoke alarms are alerting tens of minutes slower than the other type, photoelectric smoke alarms, in the deadly smoldering stage of a fire. They are also more prone to nuisance false alarms from ordinary cooking and steam from showers. Get the facts here, and get safe alarms!

The Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Information pages on this site contain extensive information about the differences in detector technology, real-world testing results, examples of legislation enacted across the country ensuring photoelectric smoke alarms are specified in applicable codes, and other resources.

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