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Two questions. Is National Fire Safety still in business? And, does anyone know of a company that can service and program Gamewell FACP?


Fire Alarms and Crash Protection for outdoor seating

The Macedonia Fire Department is in the process of proposing legislation to address crash protection for outdoor seating and fire alarm requirements that require addressable point notification for alarms received from monitoring companies. I wanted to know if any jurisdictions had model legislation that I could wordsmith to meet our requirements. Thanks If anyone has


Sprinkler load

I have a company in town that warehouses paper. They are interested in housing and distributing alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Where can I find the proper code for needed sprinkler load for alcohol-based hand sanitizers? The NFPA 13 Annex , 5.6 directs you to Chapter 22 for flammable liquids and alcohol based products that contain over


Routine Inspection Extension

COVID-19 and FSI: I would like to discuss the possibility of extending all routine inspection requirements for 6 months. This would include: Hood, Sprinkler, Alarm, Fire extinguishers. Considering the industry health safety, additional FD needs, and economic issues, this would give everyone some breathing room. I would suggest we focus our energy on maintaining systems


Pump controller readings

Concerning older fire pump controllers: 1. On older electrical fire pumps entry has to be made into the Controller to take pump readings that are diagnostic only. Voltage and amperage readings are taken to verify the efficiency of the electric motor. The rest of the test uses GPM and PSI to determine the efficiency and


Water mains to Fire Hydrants

The architect of the new library was to use C900 pipe off the main for the yard hydrant and building supply (per AHJ approval). The builder asked to change the specification from C900 to C909 which is not Factory Mutual approved and was looking for approval from AHJ. Does anyone have experience with the C909


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