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Our mission is to reduce the burden of fire and other hazards on quality of life by providing training and education for fire officials and advocating and supporting scientifically-based consensus codes and standards. NEOFPA is not only a local non-profit organization but, more importantly, it is an organization advocating fire prevention throughout Northeast Ohio and is an authoritative source on public safety. The NEOFPA participates in the process of codes and standards development and have helped to protect both people and property throughout Northeast Ohio.

A nonprofit organization of dedicated professionals devoted to

Fire Prevention through Education and Code Enforcement


RFA-smoke detectors

There were changes made to NFPA 72 and UL 217 8th edition regarding the use of ionization smoke detectors in homes. Are ionization detectors permitted to be installed in any home, new or old?


Public Safety Communications Seminar

The Safer Buildings Coalition describes themselves as a non-profit organization working to protect public safety personnel and those they serve by eliminating wireless dead zones in buildings. The group is hosting a seminar focusing on public safety communication in buildings. Then training is free of charge for NEOFPA members and lunch is provided. The group…


Edwards Heat Detectors Recalled

Edwards has recalled several models of mechanical heat detectors as they can fail to operate in a fire. Please follow the link to the CPSC website for more information.


Fireworks Related Resources For Local AHJ’s From Prevent Blindness Ohio

Prevent Blindness Ohio is providing free resources to assist local fire officials with regard to Ohio’s recently revised laws related to fireworks. Please click on the link for additional information.


Consumer Fireworks Information

PDF copy of the information presented at the April Membership and Educational meeting.


Universal Security Instruments Recalls Combination Alarms

Combination smoke and CO alarms were recalled due to possible failure to alert occupants of high CO levels. Click on the CPSC link for additional information:



Two questions. Is National Fire Safety still in business? And, does anyone know of a company that can service and program Gamewell FACP?


Best Smoke and CO Alarms of 2022

Consumer Reports has rated the best smoke and CO alarms for the upcoming year. Click on the link to read the full article.


Bronx Fire Kills 19, Including 9 Children. Officials Suspect A Malfunctioning Space Heater As The Cause.

At least 19 people are dead, Including 9 children in what authorities are describing as the deadliest fire the city has seen in 30 years. The fire ripped through an apartment complex in the Bronx Sunday morning, according to officials. Click on the links for more information:


Philadelphia Apartment Fire Kills 12, Including 8 Children. Authorities Claim Smoke Alarms Failed To Operate.

A blaze early Wednesday morning claimed the lives of 12, including 8 children in a Philadelphia apartment complex. Officials are still investigating. Follow this link to read the article by CNN.


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