Final Task Force Report

Attached is the final task force report with recommendations. I am extremely sorry that it has taken so long to get this to you. My time for the past two weeks has been taken up with discussing the report with Governor DeWine and others. There will be some immediate things that we can accomplish within the Division of State Fire Marshal if the budget is approved by the legislature. These items include the following: 

  • Hire a full-time volunteer coordinator within the State Fire Marshall’s Office –approximately $90,000 per year. Develop series of volunteer firefighter recruitment PSAs – approximately $200,000.Waive State Fire Marshal Academy fees for volunteer fire fighters – approximately $600,000 over the biennium. Update and expand current training IT system – approximately $350,000.Increase firefighter I and II Grants – approximately $600,000 over the biennium. (currently $700,000 annually – will go to $1 million annually)Increase equipment grants – approximately $2 million over the biennium. (currently $1 million annually – will go to $2.5 million annually)
 Please keep in mind all the remaining recommendations will require additional review and discussion. Some of the recommendations have major impacts and we simply don’t have the answers to many questions that have been asked.  The LOSAP option, tuition reimbursement and several others need to have projected costs which we don’t have. It will take some time to develop these into actionable options. Please feel free to share the report and once again, thank you for your continued support and assistance with this very important task.

Kevin S. Reardon State Fire Marshal

Division of State Fire Marshal

8895 East Main Street

Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068
Office 614-752-7175

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