Sprinkler Systems

I was wondering if there is anyone who’s run into this particular problem and how their city has handled it. I have a building that has a partial sprinkler system in place and over the years the space has been subdivided into smaller units. The total space that has coverage is approx 21,000 sq ft with a 3 hour fire wall separating about a 14,000 sq ft area that is completely covered area. The other area has partial coverage. This area is covered by a riser in one of the tenant’s space and currently is tied into their alarm system that is required for their use.

There are two other tenants that have moved into the area. The one tenant is not required to have a sprinkler system, but the system was already in place. If there was sprinkler activation we will get the alarm for the tenant that has the riser, but not knowing if the activation was from one of the other two spaces. Is there something in the fire code or NFPA that requires the sprinkler covering more than one occupant to annunciate the location (specific address) of where the system has activated? Any information will be helpful.

Lt. Todd A Ayres
Highland Heights Fire Dept.
[email protected]

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  1. Hi Todd,
    We have had a similar issue with a large warehouse divided in to 3 sections with one section serviced by 2 risers.
    The building owner is having a new alarm system put in, and we requested and they are going to add an additional waterflow in the space where the main passes throught the fire wall. This will then be addressed to that space.
    A waterflow activated strobe outside of each space is an option also.

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