Portable fire extinguishers

Here in Parma we require that business owners have their fire extinguishers tagged by a certified company, GPS, ABCO, ABC, & so on. Some business owners want to just replace the extinguisher each year with a new one & show us the receipt. That presents a problem because sometimes they can’t produce the receipt for the Eng. Co. inspections & get angry because they just bought the extinguisher. So we just make them get them tagged by one of those third party companies. We use the IFC 2000 edition section 906.2 which refers to NFPA 10. NFPA 2010 section 4.1.3 and the corresponding code commentary section is where we get our language. What is your opinion on this?

Richard Ciarrone
Parma Fire Dept.
[email protected]

1 thought on “Portable fire extinguishers”

  1. Richard,
    In Mentor we allow businesses to buy them new, and advise them to tape the receipt to the extinguisher. Have not really had any issues with that. Unless Parma adopted the 2010 version of NFPA 10, the state only recognizes the 2002 version in which I did not see the language you indicated.

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