New Fireworks Law Language Effective June 30, 2015

Language in the Ohio Budget Bill, HB 64, amends Chapter 3743 (Fireworks) of the Ohio Revised Code. This language was effective June 30, 2015.

The new language eliminates the requirement that consumer purchasers of 1.4G consumer fireworks fill out the form agreeing to take the fireworks outside the state within 48 hours. It also eliminates the requirements of licensed manufacturers and wholesalers to keep records associated with this form.

The new language also extends the moratorium on issuing new licenses to fireworks manufacturers and wholesalers for two years to December 15, 2017.

NOTE: The new law DOES NOT eliminate sections 3743.45, 3743.63 and 3743.65 of the Ohio Revised Code which state a consumer may buy consumer or 1.4G fireworks from a licensed wholesaler or manufacturer; however, cannot discharge any consumer or 1.4G fireworks in the State of Ohio. Consumers must transport all fireworks purchased in Ohio out of the state within 48 hours of the purchase. The only items that can be used in Ohio are designated “trick and novelty” which smoke, pop, and/or sparkle. In Ohio, use of 1.4G fireworks (fire crackers, bottle rockets, etc.) is illegal.

Download the new language here: HB64 Fireworks