New Law Requires Board of Building Standards to Create “Lockdown” Device Rules

Language in the Ohio Budget Bill, HB 64, requires that the Ohio Board of Building Standards (OBBS) adopt rules for the use of a device to prevent both ingress and egress through a door in a school building for a finite period of time, in an emergency situation and during active shooter drills. This language was effective June 30, 2015.

The law requires the following rules associated with the use of such device to be established by OBBS:

  • The rules shall apply to schools only: public, private and institutions of higher education
  • Use of a device is permissible only if the device requires minimal steps to remove it after it is engaged
  • The school administration shall notify the police chief and fire chief prior to the use of such devices in the building. (Permission is NOT required)
  • The rules may require that the device be visible from the exterior of the door
  • The device shall not be permanently mounted to the door
  • Staff shall be provided in-service training on the use of the device and training records shall be kept
  • A definition of “emergency situation” shall be created
  • The rules shall apply to both existing and new school buildings

*Note that the device DOES NOT need to comply with current Building & Fire Codes.

NEOFPA will monitor the process to create these rules, participate if possible and keep members informed.

Download the HB64 language here:  HB64 Lockdown Language