New School Fire/Tornado/Lockdown Drill Laws Enacted

The Ohio Revised Code section 3737.73 was recently revised regarding the number and type of school drills required yearly. These drills include fire drills, tornado drills and safety drills also known as lockdown drills.

Overview of Changes

Fire Drills: If a school has smoke detectors (as defined in ORC section 3781.104) or a sprinkler system in all classroom buildings of the school, then the school can reduce the total number of fire drills conducted from nine to six during the school year.

Safety/Lockdown Drills: At least three safety/lockdown drills shall be conducted each school year.

Tornado Drills: At least one tornado drill shall be conducted each month when school is in session during tornado season. (April 1-July 31)

Effective Date: March 23, 2015

See the flowchart below to assist you in following the new language.

Please read ORC section 3737.73 in its entirety for complete details of the types and frequencies of school drills.

Download the revised ORC section 3737.73 here:  ORC 3737.73 School Drill Changes

Download ORC section 3781.104 here:  ORC 3781.104

Download the flow chart here: Drill Flow Chart

Download the OSFM Tech Bulletin here: School Drill Tech Bulletin OSFM

Download the OSFM FAQ Sheet here: School Drill FAQ OSFM

Download the OSFM Instructions & Drill Log here: School Drill Instructions and Log OSFM 2015

HB178-TB15-001 - Flow Chart - final