Propane Tanks In Jewelry Stores

I am about to launch an official letter to the jewelers in our city that use LP gas for some of their jewelry work. It will affect about 5 or 6 businesses as this is a common business practice. I was alerted by one of our officers upon a routine eng. co. inspection of a situation where one of these jewelers had a 30lb LP tank in his business. The tank has been there for 15-20 years, as is the situation for most of these businesses, some for much longer.

The code specifies a 2.5lb. size limit for individual cylinders being used inside, though the language is fuzzy, “awaiting use or resale.” His cylinder is neither “awaiting use” nor “resale.” The business owners also have the option to move the tank outside which involves the permitting and plan review process. Plus vehicle protection where required.


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Rich Ciarrone
Parma FD
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  1. 30 # is excessive – a 5 lb tank or less similar to what can be used in restaurants for table top cooking at “Sunday Brunches”. or move it out side in a cage and plumb a line inside to the work station.

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