FYI – The Shoe Department – Extinguisher Complaint

Madison Fire had the following issue – One of our inspectors was out at The Shoe Department today in Madison for an inspection. When looking at the fire extinguisher inspection tags he noted that there were no company or individual certification numbers on the tag. He questioned the store manager about the inspection of the extinguishers and whether the company left any paperwork for the inspection, she replied that they were just recently out and didn’t leave any paperwork. 

Our inspector went back to the station to see if he could locate a company certification number on the State’s website. The company The Shoe Show out of North Carolina did not return on the state’s website.

He then called The Show Show to obtain the Ohio certification number. The woman that he spoke with in the fire inspection department asked him what he was talking about. She stated that the extinguisher tags are given to the District/Regional managers and they pass them out to the individual store manager for them to put on the extinguishers. He explained to her the requirements of the State of Ohio for companies or individuals that work on fire protection equipment. She stated that she was unaware of these requirements and would have to look into it.

After looking into the matter further, the initials on the extinguisher tag “KP” are the store managers Kim Pylant.

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