OFOA-Ohio Fire Officials Association

NEOFPA supports and is a continuing member of OFOA.
All NEOFPA Executive Board members are also members of OFOA.
Any member of NEOFPA or the fire service can join OFOA and work with them towards their statewide fire safety concerns.

Learn More About OFOA:

The Ohio Fire Officials Association is the official State Chapter to the International Fire Marshals Association of the National Fire Protection Assoc.

The purpose of our organization shall be:

To provide for a statewide association of code officials located in the State of Ohio so that local associations of code officials may act together on matters of statewide concern, while preserving their local identity and activities.

To cooperate with and assist other code officials, fire and life safety organizations and other government officials in their aims and objectives to the extent that they shall be consistent with the purposes herein expressed.

To promote efficiency and seek improvement in administrative organization techniques and methods as related to the regulation of fire and life safety and building construction.

To promote among the public better understandings of the advantages, purpose and functions of the regulation of fire and life safety, building construction, and to secure public respect, confidence and support in the office of fire and life safety, and code enforcement.

To foster cooperation between all code officials, fire and life safety organizations, manufactures, contractors, business community, and other federal, state and local government agencies.

To promote better understanding and cooperation between the fire, building, property maintenance, planning, health, sanitation and other governmental departments having functions related to community development and construction for the benefit of the public and the promotion of safety.

To promote the acceptance of performance requirements for building materials, fire protection equipment and construction methods without prejudice or bias.

To participate in and promote the establishment of adequate building and fire safety regulations throughout the State of Ohio; for the promotion of public safety against the hazards of life and health; the advancement of safe methods of building construction; better fire prevention and protection; and for the protection of the homeowner and occupants of the buildings and structures throughout the State of Ohio.