2017 Ohio Fire Code Update – REVISED Form and Schedule

From the Ohio Fire Marshal’s Office:

Dear Stakeholders and All Interested Parties:

 Due to a technical error in the ‘2017 Ohio Fire Code Petition Form’ any Petition submitted to the SFM prior to November 13, 2015 WAS NOT received by the SFM AND MUST BE RESUBMITTED

 A corrected version of the Petition Form is now located on the SFM website (www.com.ohio.gov/fire).  A copy of the form and instructions for using the form are also attached above for your convenience.

 Due to this technical error, the deadline for submitting petitions has been extended.  The deadline for submitting a petition for consideration in the 2017 Ohio Fire Code update cycle, must now be submitted on or before Friday, December 4, 2015.  A copy of the updated time for the 2017 code development cycle has also been attached above.

 The SFM appreciates your participation in the code development process and apologizes for any inconvenience.  If you have any questions or if you would like to confirm the receipt of your re-submitted petition, please contact the SFM’s Code Enforcement Bureau at 614-728-5460 or 1-888-276-0303.

Download the REVISED Timeline here:  Revised OFC Update Timeline

Download the Petition Form here: OFC Petition Form Revised

Download the Petition Form Instructions here: OFC Petition Form Instructions Revised