18,000 Counterfeit Smoke Detectors Recalled

Recently the Atlanta (GA) Fire Rescue Department was forced to recall more than 18,000 smoke alarms after an investigation by the FBI and Underwriters Laboratories found the smoke alarms were counterfeit.

Although the Division of State Fire Marshal is not aware of any similar issues in Ohio, we wanted to make certain all fire departments were aware of the problem that was reported by CBS Atlanta. Full article and video here.

A legitimate smoke alarm should have an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) sticker and issue number along with a manufacturer’s label and model number. The counterfeit smoke alarms uncovered in Georgia contained only a hologram Underwriters Laboratories (UL) sticker with no issue number or manufacturer’s label.

The Division of State Fire Marshal encourages your fire department to purchase smoke alarms from reputable vendors and check to make certain the detector has the appropriate UL and manufacturer labels affixed to the back of the unit.

If you believe your fire department may be a victim of a similar scheme, please contact your local law enforcement department, Underwriters Laboratories (1-877-UL-HELPS) and/or the Consumer Products Safety Commission (800-638-2772).