How Can I Help Earl Lee Warning?

The Public

Purchase, install and maintain only photoelectric smoke alarms in your home. Help spread the word to your families, friends, and neighbors. Share this site containing all the details and more information on the proper selection, installation and maintenance of smoke alarms.

Fire Departments

Fire departments are in a unique position of public trust enabling them to readily provide critical life-saving information and education to the citizens of their community. All firefighters must be educated about smoke alarms and understand that photoelectric type smoke alarms are the best choice. This information can then be disseminated to the community through print & electronic media and public education programs.

Firefighter training PowerPoint presentation regarding photoelectric smoke alarms: Photo vs. Ion Firefighter Training Presentation

Your City/Town Legislators will be looking to you to provide them with the information regarding the differences between photoelectric & ionization technology. Here are two quick presentations. Make sure you add in your city/town specific information in the appropriate slides.

PowerPoint Presentation for your Safety Committee or City Council (Medium length):
Photoelectric Smoke Detectors - longer version

PowerPoint Presentation for your Safety Committee or City Council (Short Version):
Photoelectric Smoke Detectors - short version

Elected Officials and Legislators

Individuals in the unique position of providing safety through legislation can follow the lead of many other countries, states, cities and towns that have enacted photoelectric smoke alarm legislation. This process is not difficult and help is available by reaching out to the other progressive, fire-safe communities that have taken the steps before you.

A list of these communities and their legislation documents is on our Legislation page.