Tandoor Oven Best Practices

A restaurant customer recently came to us with the question of how to best handle his wood-burning tandoor oven at the end of the night. The tandoor oven itself is a high-end commercial model with a clay interior and steel exterior, a small fuel door with a vent near the bottom, and an open top. The customer is worried about any smoldering embers that might be left in the appliance at the end of the night. The manufacturer of the oven had no recommendations for him on best practices at closing time, and code doesn’t address this. It should be noted that this customer is very fire-safety conscious and has followed all recommendations from NFPA 96 and state code when it comes to solid-fuel burning appliances.

My team thinks that shutting all vents on the appliance and placing the lid on it are the best way to go, but we are unable to recommend that formally because there is nothing to back it up.

Do any of you have experience with these appliances, and have a recommendation on best practices for closing time?

Thank you for your help.

Alex Garrote
ABCO Fire Protection
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