Suggestions to Certified Fire Alarm Company Regarding Non-compliance or Shoddy Workmanship.

We are looking for suggestions for certified fire alarm companies regarding situations that involve non-compliant or shoddy workmanship at locations. We have been instructed to file a compaint with the State Fire Marshal’s Office, but that would circumvent the local AHJ and I don’t believe that would be taken kindly. In too many cases, the locations may not be scheduled for a local inspection, or the “repairs” were made without permit or application to the municipality.

Since the majority of your constituents will probably only visit these types of locations on a yearly basis, it is impossible to remember what was installed, what was added and who is doing the work. Unfortunately, these locations usually keep the original service stickers on the panels, even though that particular company may not be responsible for the actions incurred.

As a whole, we would like the membership to advise us on how they would like to approach situations like this. Our records do indicate our dates of service/visits should there be any litigation, but the doubts are cast in the direction of that supplier until it can be proven that they did not do the work. In the past couple of years the economic downturn has created more of these situations than ever before. Cheaper is not always proper. If you can shed some light on what the AHJ’s would require, we would appreciate it.

Thank you,
Frank Frizell
NFS, Inc., Member
[email protected]