Routine Inspection Extension

COVID-19 and FSI: I would like to discuss the possibility of extending all routine inspection requirements for 6 months. This would include: Hood, Sprinkler, Alarm, Fire extinguishers. Considering the industry health safety, additional FD needs, and economic issues, this would give everyone some breathing room. I would suggest we focus our energy on maintaining systems when function is threatened. If the NEOFPA was behind this or similar measures, I we could forward the request to the State Fire Marshal’s Office for variance. This would keep us all on the same page. Your Thoughts?

In response to this request and discussion with a few board members we do not feel this is a topic the State Fire Marshal would be in favor  of nor should be considered. There are many businesses including restaurants, hospitals, assisted livings, hotels and motels that are open and must continue to maintain their systems. As the AHJ we feel you can regulate your inspections process as you see fit to protect firefighters and inspectors from COVID-19 exposure.  A blanket exemption for fire protection equipment could place citizens and firefighters at undo risk from a lack of maintenance and/or repair. While we understand the concern we do not feel this is in the best interest of the fire service as a whole- Thank you!