Rental Property Inspection

We have recently had a couple of fires in residential rental properties, single family and multi family dwellings. Does anyone have a city ordinance or rental property inspection program?

Mark Crumley, Asst. Chief/Fire Marshal
City of Medina Fire Department
[email protected]


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  1. Mark,
    Brook Park handles this in the building department. We have no provisions for the fire department to perform these inspections.

    (a) Whenever any dwelling, building or structure has been sold or vacated by its former occupant, or a change in its former occupant or a change in its use is contemplated, no person, firm or corporation, shall reoccupy such dwelling, building or structure, until and unless a Certificate of Reoccupancy has been issued therefor, under the same terms and conditions as required for an original Certificate..
    (b) Before a dwelling, building or structure is sold, deed, land contract or otherwise, the owner shall apply for a Reoccupancy Permit, and if the dwelling, building or structure is to be sold “as is”, shall furnish to the new owner a copy of all violations found upon inspection which must be corrected before a Reoccupancy Permit can be issued.
    (Ord. 4579-1974. Passed 4-2-74; Ord. 9555-2009. Passed 1-20-09.)

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