Pump controller readings

Concerning older fire pump controllers:

1. On older electrical fire pumps entry has to be made into the Controller to take pump readings that are diagnostic only. Voltage and amperage readings are taken to verify the efficiency of the electric motor. The rest of the test uses GPM and PSI to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the fire pump. Electrical readings are for the motor. As far as testing the pump, specifically, we are still able to do determine that.
2. Once inside the controller the service technician is exposed to an ARC Flash danger.
3. A 40 Cal suit will not fully protect the tech if an Arc Flash occurs
4. The 2017 NFPA 25, states for “pumps that use electronic pressure sensors to control the fire pump operation, record the current pressure and the highest and lowest pressure shown on the fire pump controller event log where such information is available without having to open an energized electric motor driven fire pump controller”
5. FM Global no longer wants the electrical controllers entered to take the readings.
6. As the state recognizes the 2014 edition of NFPA 25 and not the 2017Can the State Fire Marshall put out a statement waving entering the controller on electrical pumps based on this?
7. Currently certain AHJ’s do not require Techs to enter the controller to take the readings. Can all AHJ’s support that?
8. It is not if but when an Arc Flash occurs someone will lose their life. ABCO would like to make it company policy that older electronic controllers will not be entered to protect our techs and would like your support

Thank you