Kitchen Hood Suppression System Semi-Annuals

Does your FPB follow up on semi-annual hood test inspections, & if so how?

Richard Ciarrone
Parma FD
[email protected]

1 thought on “Kitchen Hood Suppression System Semi-Annuals”

  1. Rich,

    In Mentor, we have over 150 restaurants, and like many, dont have the manpower to witness the semi annual hood suppression tests. We still require them to call and schedule with us, and most of the time we will not be there and tell them to send us paperwork. When we receive the paperwork, myself or another inspector will review it determine if any follow up is needed. The follow up will then be assigned to an inspector to follow up on. If we have had issues with a certain place in the past, we might assign an inspector to attend the semi annual test.

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