Inspection Fees

I am proposing a new ordinance in Lyndhurst to address inspection fees. I don’t wish to fee businesses just for extra money, but I do want to start charging for things like plan review, acceptance tests, re-inspections, and especially people that show up late for scheduled tests.
Anyone have similar ordinances I would be interested in hearing about them or better yet send me a copy.

Dave Holtz
Lyndhurst Fire Department
[email protected]

1 thought on “Inspection Fees”

  1. Wow, Inspector Holtz what a great idea. I think it would be a good idea to add fees for these types of issues. In South Euclid we do charge $25.00 for the permit when installing of a new or adding to existing sprinkler systems. Great Idea I would like to sit down and discuss this more and possible adding this ordinance in my city.

    Scott Sebastian
    City Of South Euclid
    Fire Prevention Officer

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