Grease Lock Hood Filters

What are these Pre filters I am starting to see in restaurant hood systems. Are they OK? “Ellis fibre” grease lock system.???Grease Lock is a patented disposable grease filte.

Jerry Cifranic
North Olmsted Fire
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  1. Jerry,

    In regards to your question about GreaseLock Filters…

    NEOFPA has done considerable research on this matter. The bottom line is that to attach these pre-filters to a hood exhaust system, the filters must be listed for use with the specific exhaust system they are attached to and the specific fire suppression system being used , or the manufacturer of the exhaust system & suppression system must have previously approved the use of the filters with their systems.

    When these filters are attached, they may negatively affect the CFM draw of the existing exhaust system or affect the ability of the fire suppression system nozzles to work as designed.

    I have attached a letter we received from Tyco regarding the use of these filters with some of their fire suppression systems.

    Devon Paullin

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