Fire Inspection Fees

Our FPB in Maple Heights witnesses annual inspections of fire alarm systems, and fire suppression systems. Along with these inspections, we charge fees to the company performing the test. Our city council is considering increasing the fees to the following amounts:

-Annual fire alarm test: $25 increased to $50
-Annual sprinkler test: $25 to $50
-6-month hood: $10 to $30

Other fee increases that are being considered:

– Plan review for new system: $50 to $100
– Fire alarm install: $50 + $2 activation device

I am looking for input from surrounding departments to see if they charge fees for inspections, plan reviews, etc, and what they charge.

Contact: Dan Sypen, Lieutenant
[email protected]

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  1. Dan,

    Highland Heights has a well established and successful fee schedule in place. You may want to contact them for further information. Lt. Todd Ayers is in charge of the FPB there. 440-442-7406 [email protected]

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