Fire Alarm Update In An A2

Can anyone point me to a code that would require smoke detectors in an older A2 with an occupant load over 300. We are requiring a fire alarm system be installed in well known party center in our community. The owner is obstinate about smoke detectors not being installed in the building side that is not sprinklered. There are two fire areas separated by a fire wall and fire roll door. The newer side is fully sprinklered but the older side has no sprinkler coverage. He refuses to install smoke detection in the non-sprinkled party rooms. I know that a fully sprinkled building does not require smoke detection but may require HVAC duct detectors. He even refuses that. This building has had no fire alarm in it as long as I have been here (33 years).. Help make my day, please !!!!!!

Sal Grano
Mayfield Heights Fire Dept.
[email protected]


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  1. Hi Sal,

    OFC 907.2.1 clearly requires a manual fire alarm and occupant notification system in Group A occupancies with an occupant load of 300 or more. While no requirement in the fire code for area smoke detection in this setting exists to my knowledge, Section 606.2.1 of the mechanical code does require smoke detectors in return air systems with a design capacity greater than 2000 cfm when the system is capable of spreading smoke beyond the enclosed area or room in which the smoke is generated. This requirement is excepted when the entire building served by the HVAC system in question is protected by area smoke detectors as part of a fire alarm system.

    If the new fire alarm system being installed is a single system intended to protect all areas within the exterior walls of the building as a single occupancy, then section 3404 of the building code regarding building alterations should apply meaning any alteration of the building requires compliance with the Code to the extent of the alteration. If the alteration is limited to the fire alarm only, you might construe that in the absence of HVAC detection and shut down, area detection would be necessary if not required to comply with the requirements of the Mechanical Code.

    Just my thoughts on this. I hope you found it helpful.

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