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chinese lantern

Mayfield Heights has a rather large party center, which is having an event possibly involving deployment of 50 Chinese lanterns.  I am not in favor of allowing these lanterns to be deployed, for obvious reasons.  The Mayor is supporting my decision, but would like to know if any other agency has had any dealings/issues/requests with these lanterns.

Even if you have not had any dealings with these, please be aware of them, they seem to be popping up everywhere now a days.

Any information you may on these is greatly appreciated.


Bruce Elliott
Chief of Fire
City of Mayfield Heights
Office:440-442-2626 ext. 261
Cell:    440-382-9400
Fax:    440-442-0232
[email protected]

2 thoughts on “Chinese Lanterns”

  1. Hi Chief,

    We had a similar situation in Broadview Hts. A church wanted to release a couple hundered of these “lanterns”. We did not allow it, and had council pass an ordinance to more easily detour this type of thing in the future. See attached link:$fn=default.htm$3.0$vid=amlegal:broadviewhts_oh$anc=JD_1650.07

    Joe Fleming
    Assistant Chief
    Broadview Hts. Fire Dept.

  2. The Ohio State Fire Marshal’s Office has issued a clarification letter on these chinese lanterns or sky lanterns. Sky lanterns in Ohio are considered flame effects. As a flame effect, the regulation of sky lantern devices is a part of the general fire safety sections of the Ohio Fire Code.

    For more information and a copy of the fire marshal’s letter, see sky lanterns in announcements on this homepage.

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