Brycer Compliance Engine

Is anyone using the Brycer Compliance Engine to track inspections? I am looking at trying the program on a trial basis.


Rick Barber
Assistant Chief/FM
Brunswick FD
(330) 350-0396
[email protected]


2 thoughts on “Brycer Compliance Engine”

  1. Rick,
    We are looking into the Compliance Engine. We were first made aware of it through a fire protection company located in our community,(Euclid). We sat through a webinar with the company’s owner last June. Unfortunately due to work load we’ve been unable to move on it. We are still discussing the merits of implementation. We do have the implementation packet from Compliance Engine and have forwarded to our Chiefs for review. If your city is considering it also we would like to sit down and discuss with you.

    Dave Strahan
    Euclid Fire Dept.

  2. Assistant Chief Barber & Inspector Strahan,

    Our program is now implemented in 36 states and comprises over 4K contractor and AHJ users. When ready, we look forward to partnering with your communities to reduce false alarms, drive compliant fire protection systems and help your teams streamline internal processes. Thank you for considering our company.

    I will have one of my team members send you recent case studies completed in communities that have implemented our program.

    Bryan Schultz

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