Blazemaster CPVC Sprinkler Pipe

Has anyone had any issues with Blazemaster CPVC Sprinkler Pipe in their cities? We have a facility in our city that used Blazemaster that is only 2 years old and we have had 4 known leaks, 3 in the last two months.

Todd Ayers
Highland Heights FD

2 thoughts on “Blazemaster CPVC Sprinkler Pipe”

  1. Todd: One thought comes to mind what time of the year was it installed? there is a temp. range for the glue.

  2. Todd – where are the leaks occurring? Are they leaking at a glue joint or where the victaulic fitting connects the cpvc to metal? Contact me and I can tell you about my reoccurring problem at Case Western Reserve University and what we learned.

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