Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

I am looking for information on how addressable fire alarm systems have to be dispatched from the central alarm stations. If you have an addressable system does the central monitoring station have to dispatch it as point specific or are they allowed to dispatch a “general” fire alarm? NFPA 72 Section 23.14 deals with Off-Premises Signals. Would this be the correct section or is there another area in NFPA that deals with this issue?

Lt. Todd Ayers
Highland Hts. FD

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  1. Todd:

    There are several variances in the transmission of the conditions. IF the dialer is external to the FACP you only have the options of Alarm, Troiuble, or Supervisory. IF the dialer is internal, and communicating with the processor, you have the option of “contact ID”, or SIA to the central station. The code does not address the type of transmission, only the time sequences involved in the reporting.
    Most Addressable Systems have the built in UDACT, or it is an add on feature. When utilized the “contact ID” transmission will send the point in numerical fashion. This numerical transmission must be programmed by the central station for the description of the device, and area.
    We currently do many retail properties using the contact ID format. The FD is directed to the exact retailer instead of having to go to the FACP to verify the storefront. In one case, we are transmitting the retailer and the device type. On the later you have to be careful, most systems do have a specific limitation on the number of “points” or input groups. For most applications the equipment programmer can go over these options with the AHJ and come to a reasonable solution.

  2. Todd: I request all new systems or up grades to be contact point ID during the plan review or direct to the design person. Also our dispatchers will question the monitoring company for type and location of alarm some times they have that information if asked

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