Technavio Report on the Future of Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

This report by market research company Technavio indicates the continued growth of photoelectric technology within the residential industry.

“The photoelectric smoke detectors segment should expand at a rapid rate during the forecast period. Growth in this segment may be spurred by the reducing number of ionization smoke detectors. Photoelectric smoke detectors offer a fast response to smoldering fires (which are responsible for a large number of fatal fires) and this is another major reason spurring demand for such devices,” said Anju Ajaykumar, one of Technavio’s lead industry analysts for heavy industries research.

“Technavio researchers expect that the support of local and international organizations and authorities (such as IAFF) and ordinances passed by local authorities in the state of Ohio will further expand the market for these smoke detectors in the US. Low incidences of nuisance alarms generated by photoelectric smoke detectors is another reason for their growing popularity,” added Anju.

Read the report on Business Wire HERE

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