Photoelectric Language Added to the Residential Code of Ohio

As a result of the appeal from Mayfield Village, new language has been added to the Residential Code of Ohio requiring photoelectric smoke alarms.

The new language takes effect for the municipalities involved in the appeal process on April 1, 2015. Sometime thereafter it will take effect statewide.

The new language requires at least one photoelectric and one ionization smoke alarm on each level of a new one, two or three family home. Separate or dual-sensor alarms may be used.

A smoke alarm located outside of a sleeping area must include photoelectric technology.

The language does not require photoelectric technology at each required location. Just a minimum of one photoelectric sensor per floor level and an alarm containing a photoelectric sensor outside of each sleeping area.

An exception allows homes that install a smoke detection system instead of multi-station alarms to use only one technology throughout.  This is because ionization detectors are not typically available for commercial type alarm systems.

Download the new language here: [wpdm_package id=17]

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