Smoke Detector Giveaway Programs

I am looking for input regarding smoke detector giveaway programs in other communities. Specifically, what type of detector technology are you using in your programs? (e.g. Ionization, Photoelectric, or a combination detector) Any comments would be greatly appreciated, please email Lt. Brian Foltz at: [email protected]


Clothing Ignition from Clothes Dryer

We had a fire that involved clothing that was recently removed from a clothes dryer and was sprayed with “Axe” body spray. An article in ‘Hot Issues’ Juvenile Firesetter periodical indicated that some kids (teens) were using this body spray to create torches. The spray contains butane. I’m looking for information on the likelihood of


Outside Cooking Legislation

Our Fire Prevention bureau is considering legislation requiring bars and restaurants to take out a permit to cook outside the building if they are using commercial sized grills, BBQs and smokers. Does anyone control this activity in their city? Do you have any suggestions on handling this type of situation? Your input on this mater