Temporary Door Locking Device (TDLD’s) Rules Became Effective April 18, 2016

The final draft language for school temporary door locking devices (TDLD’s) rules that were required to be written based on HB 64 have been completed, approved and became effective on April 18, 2016.

BBS Memo of May 13, 2016 outlining the conditions of use & operational requirements of TDLD’s: BBS Memo # 935 Temporary Door Locking Devices

The announcement from the OBBS:

Board of Building Standards Stakeholder:

House Bill 64 adopted by the Ohio General Assembly on June 30, 2015 included new RC § 3781.106 which required the Ohio Board of Building Standards (Board) to adopt rules for the use of a device by a staff member in a school that prevents both ingress and egress through school doors in an emergency situation and during active shooter drills.  At its meeting on April 8, 2016, the Board adopted amendments to Ohio Building Code Chapters 2 & 10 for the use of Temporary Door Locking Devices (TDLD) in schools under the conditions set forth in these rules.  These amendments are effective April 18, 2016.

 The Board initiated the rule change process in October 2015 and the rules have been available in draft form on the Board’s website.  The final adopted rules and summary can be found at the following link: http://www.com.state.oh.us/documents/dico_OhioBuildingCodeAmendmentsEffApril2016.pdf

If you have questions related to these amendments, please contact the Board Office at (614) 644-2613 or [email protected].


 Regina S. Hanshaw
Executive Secretary
Ohio Board of Building Standards

**To assist you in quickly finding the new language (underlined), the new language can be found in Section 201 (definitions) and additions/changes to sections 1008.1.9.1, 1008.1.9.3, 1008.1.9.5 and 1008.1.9.11.

NBC Channel 4 Columbus Story 4-8-16