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Fireworks In Ohio

Everyone loves fireworks but they can be as hazardous as they are beautiful.

Here is some Ohio specific information for the general public, fire departments, fire inspectors and fireworks professionals.  Your community may have more specific fireworks laws or ordinances. Check with your local fire department to ensure that you are in full compliance with the law. Follow these laws and recommendations so that you can enjoy fireworks safely!

What fireworks are legal for the public to purchase and use in Ohio?

The only items that can be used in Ohio are designated “trick and novelty” which smoke, pop, and/or sparkle like punks, smokes, snakes, snaps and sparklers. See a complete list on page 14 of the 2015 Redbook below.

What about the fireworks I can buy legally in Ohio at a fireworks store?

Non-exempted fireworks 1.4G (UN0336) can be legally sold in Ohio by a
licensed wholesaler or manufacturer. Ohio residents and out-of state
residents must transport the fireworks out of Ohio within 48 hours.
These non-exempted 1.4G fireworks (UN0336) cannot be discharged in Ohio.
Examples of non-exempted 1.4G (UN0336) fireworks are: Bottle rockets, Parachutes, Buzz-bombs, Pin wheels, Cones, Planes, Fancy florals, Repeaters, Firecrackers, Roman candles, Fountains, Shells, Ground items, Skyrockets, Helicopters, Tubes, Mines, Chasers, Missiles and Morning Glories.

Are M80’s, M100’s, and quarter sticks considered fireworks?

M80’s, M100’s, quarter sticks and similar devices are explosive devices, not fireworks. Such devices are not considered fireworks because, in 1976, the United States Consumer
Products Safety Commission determined that no more than 50 milligrams of powder can
be used in 1.4G consumer fireworks (1.4G fireworks must have fuses that last at least 3
seconds, but no longer than 9 seconds) and any devices that contain more than 50
milligrams of powder (like many cherry bombs, silver salutes, M80’s, M100’s and quarter
sticks) are defined as explosives. Since these devices are explosives, such devices are
illegal for anyone to possess without a special license and/or permit. See ORC 2923.17
for more details.

Where can I find all the laws and information regarding the use, possession, purchasing, etc. of fireworks in the State of Ohio?

All of this information is contained within a document that the Ohio Fire Marshal’s Office provides called the “Redbook”. Download the full 2015 Redbook here: 2015fireworksredbook

Ohio Revised Code ORC 3743 Fireworks

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2015 ORC Law Changes

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