Contributing items to maintain or improve the jobs of Northeast Ohio Fire Inspectors can be forwarded to any of our NEOFPA board members.

Fire Inspector Continuing Education:

On your FSI expiration date, you will need 30 hours of continuing education.

Continuing education hours may be completed in any of the following topics:

  • The theory of fire code enforcement.
  • Enforcement of fire codes.
  • Life safety system of building and uses.
  • The safe use and maintenance of facilities, building, and uses which are subject to the state of Ohio fire code.
  • Fire code administration.
  • Legal methods of code enforcement.
  • Legal rights of landlords and tenants under federal, state, and local laws.
  • The application, installation, use, and interpretation of the NFPA standards.

Many of the hours obtained can be applied for both firefighter and inspector certification. Just keep in mind that the training for inspectors needs to be more focused and specific for the job of an inspector compared to a firefighter. The subject matter is broad and if you are an NEOFPA member, all of our topics apply to fire inspectors and many topics will also apply to firefighters.

Any certificate, department training records, or documented training is applicable for your cont. ed. hours. There is no minimum for any given year as long as you have the documented cont. ed. hours prior to your expiration date.

NEOFPA will continue issuing certifications for our classes and has been using certificates all year.