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Combination Fire/Burglar Alarm Panel

Does NFPA allow combination fire and burglar alarm panels in commercial businesses? The device in question is manufactured by Digital Monitoring Products and it’s a 574-zone command processor. Any information would be helpful. Thank you, Todd Ayres Highland Heights FD [email protected]


Sterno Can Near Open Flames

Section 308.7 of the Ohio Fire Code prohibits open flame devices in Group A occupancies. Although there are three exceptions, this application does not meet any of the exceptions. In the Group A occupancy, is it permitted to use a sterno can with the open flame to warm food on tables that the public has


Commercial/Industrial False Alarms

Strongsville Fire Prevention is researching departmental responses to fire alarms. We are specifically requesting information regarding: Requirements for locations having fire alarms requiring company personnel to respond to alarms regardless of the time of day Information on whether fire department personnel are allowed to silence and reset alarms in the absence of company personnel Information


Booth Construction for Fairs, Shows, Trade Shows, etc.

In regards to the construction of booths in public assembly buildings at special events such as trade shows, fairs, home & garden shows, health and safety fairs, etc. – Is all material that is used in the construction of the booth required to meet the flame propagation performance criteria that is containe in the Ohio


Annual and Special Permit Data

Beachwood Fire Prevention Bureau is currently collecting data on Annual Permits and Special Permits. Anyone that does annual and/or special permits please email Dave Skrajner at [email protected] with the types of permits and a permit fee schedule. Thank you in advance for your help: David Skrajner


Identifying a Generator at a Facility

I am looking to adopt a standard for identifying the presence of a generator at a facility or residence at or near the main power disconnect. I have spoken with CEI and they currently have no requirement for labeling. I am proposing a label that would be used to inform responders that an onsite power


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