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Secondary Water Supply for Sprinkler System

Our old Chevy plant prop shaft bldg. is over half million sq.ft.  GM sold it & it is currently being used as a storage & distribution facility.  It is fully sprinklered & had a secondary water source from the existing GM Stamping plant which is directly next door.  This secondary water source was discontinued when


Above Ground Storage

We are in the process of rewriting our existing ordinances regarding above ground storage of Flammable/Combustible Liquids, LPG, CNG and Hazardous Materials. Does anyone have language regarding this already in place? Thank you, Tim Golay, Assistant Chief Avon Fire Fept. [email protected] (440)934-1222


Emergency Generator Ordinance For Assisted Living/Nursing Facilities

Is there any department that has a local city ordinance that requires assisted living and /or nursing facilities to have an emergency generator? I am also looking for any local ordinance that pertains to these same type of facilities to have standpipes and additional access that is above the required fire code and building code.


Inspection Fees

I am proposing a new ordinance in Lyndhurst to address inspection fees. I don’t wish to fee businesses just for extra money, but I do want to start charging for things like plan review, acceptance tests, re-inspections, and especially people that show up late for scheduled tests. Anyone have similar ordinances I would be interested


Pull Stations Being Damaged.

The maintenance dept. at Parmadale Family Services are continually replacing fire alarm pull stations because the kids keep ripping them off the wall even with the cages on them. Any advice? Rich Ciarrone (440)885-1217 [email protected]


Commercial Occupancy Signage

I am trying to research the idea of placing signage on commercial occupancies that have special construction hazards. For example, occupancies that have basements with no visable sign from the outside that there is a basement. The idea was brought to me by my chief as a safety measure for responding firefighters. Does anybody have


Fire Inspection Fees

Our FPB in Maple Heights witnesses annual inspections of fire alarm systems, and fire suppression systems. Along with these inspections, we charge fees to the company performing the test. Our city council is considering increasing the fees to the following amounts: -Annual fire alarm test: $25 increased to $50 -Annual sprinkler test: $25 to $50


Meat Smokers

I need some info on those meat smokers that people sometimes in thier yards. Clearance? Fuel? Regulations? Richard Ciarrone, Fire Inspector [email protected] (440)885-1217


Fire Trace Suppression Systems

I am looking for information on the Fire Trace Clean Agent Suppression Systems. In our city we have a business that is looking to place this suppression system on 45 CNC type machines that are cutting titanium. My question is- Do these machines have to be tied into the building fire alarm system or can


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