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Codes For Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

I am looking for information from codes that specifically mandate CO monitoring.I have several college dorms that do not have any means of monitoring for CO.The college seems to think that they are exempt from any requirements to have detection (even plug in monitors) because it is not required in the mechanical codes. Can anybody give me


Chinese Lanterns

Mayfield Heights has a rather large party center, which is having an event possibly involving deployment of 50 Chinese lanterns.  I am not in favor of allowing these lanterns to be deployed, for obvious reasons.  The Mayor is supporting my decision, but would like to know if any other agency has had any dealings/issues/requests with


Grease Lock Hood Filters

What are these Pre filters I am starting to see in restaurant hood systems. Are they OK? “Ellis fibre” grease lock system.???Grease Lock is a patented disposable grease filte. Thanks. Jerry Cifranic North Olmsted Fire (440)777-1220 [email protected]  


Rental Property Inspection

We have recently had a couple of fires in residential rental properties, single family and multi family dwellings. Does anyone have a city ordinance or rental property inspection program? Mark Crumley, Asst. Chief/Fire Marshal City of Medina Fire Department [email protected] (330)723-5704  


Wal-Mart Exit Door Motion Sensors

Looking for feed back on Wal-Mart turning off the motion sensor on exit doors at night time. I was told by Wal-Mart that they do this in all super centers that are open late. The doors may still be able to be pulled open or pushed off the tracks to exit in an emergency. Don


Fire Alarm Update In An A2

Can anyone point me to a code that would require smoke detectors in an older A2 with an occupant load over 300. We are requiring a fire alarm system be installed in well known party center in our community. The owner is obstinate about smoke detectors not being installed in the building side that is


Internet Phone Service & Fire Alarm Monitoring

Has anyone addressed any issues with cable service providers providing internet phone service to business customers and not assuring the fire alarm system is still monitored and/or has the second phone line in place?   A/C Wayne Johnson Shaker Heights FD [email protected] (216)491-1205


Fire Protection Service Personnel Registration

Does anyone have an ordinance on the books requiring Fire Protection Service Personnel to be registered as contractors with the City prior to performing any work on any Fire Protection Equipment including annual testing and maintenance? Avon requires registration for installation only and I would like to expand the registration requirement due to increasing frequency


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