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Cell Phone Towers

I have a question about cell phone towers. We have three towers in our area. A Verizon tower, an FCC tower, and a CECOMS tower. These towers all have back up generators if I understand correctly. Does anybody else deal with these towers? I have no experience with them. Do we have jurisdiction for inspections,


Fire Dampers

I have a situation where a modification was made to a business in a plaza and they were required to install fire dampers in the HVAC. Do you know if there is normally a test of these (especially on a retro fit like this) or just a visual inspection of them? John Wargelin Fire Chief


Fire Alarms & Phone Lines

My Bldg. Commissioner informed me that within two yrs. the phone company will no longer maintain copper phone lines. Does anyone know how this may affect fire alarm systems? Richard Ciarrone Parma FD [email protected] 440-885-1217


Brycer Compliance Engine

Is anyone using the Brycer Compliance Engine to track inspections? I am looking at trying the program on a trial basis. Thanks, Rick Barber Assistant Chief/FM Brunswick FD (330) 350-0396 [email protected]  


Electromagnetic Door Locks

This is about the main entrance on the proposed RTA Rapid Station Remodel. It’s classified as A-3 with total occupant load of 271. According to OFC 1008.1.10, the main exit door is required to have panic hardware. The exception permits locks or latches equipped with key-operated locking devices from the egress side as long as


Sprinkler Heads Above Drop Ceiling

I have a building that has a sprinkler system but the heads are above the ceiling tiles in the offices. Has anyone come across this? I’m looking for some cost effective ways or suggestions to remedy this issue for the building owner. Is there a specific OFC I can reference for this? Thanks. Michael Suhy


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