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Water mains to Fire Hydrants

The architect of the new library was to use C900 pipe off the main for the yard hydrant and building supply (per AHJ approval). The builder asked to change the specification from C900 to C909 which is not Factory Mutual approved and was looking for approval from AHJ. Does anyone have experience with the C909


Propane Tanks In Jewelry Stores

I am about to launch an official letter to the jewelers in our city that use LP gas for some of their jewelry work. It will affect about 5 or 6 businesses as this is a common business practice. I was alerted by one of our officers upon a routine eng. co. inspection of a


Smoke Alarms Malfunctioning

Our department is experiencing false alarms with Kidde Photoelectric smoke alarm model P9050. We have experienced this issue with 12 of the 150 alarms that we have installed in the last year.  After further investigation we have found that a small amount of dust is causing the smoke alarms to activate. We have contacted Kidde


Burning of Incense in Office

Does anyone know if employees can burn incense in their office? The question came to me from the Health and Safety Specialist at North East Ohio Regional Sewer District. Howard Selig Assistant Chief Cuyahoga Heights FD (216) 641-2726 [email protected]


Hot Air Balloons

Are there any fire codes concerning hot air balloons? One of our churches would like to have a hot air ballon ride at their carnival this year and I’m not seeing any regulations in the code. Would this be listed under an amusement ride? Thanks for your help, Richard Switzer Fire District 27 60 W.


Emergency Power Standby Generator Testing

Could anyone enlighten me on the testing requirements for emergency standby generators. After reading NFPA 110 2010, it isn’t any clearer. We are specifically questioning annual load testing. Is that required? I understand the monthly testing. If that record is in place does that push load testing requirements to 36 months? Do any municipalities have


Tandoor Oven Best Practices

A restaurant customer recently came to us with the question of how to best handle his wood-burning tandoor oven at the end of the night. The tandoor oven itself is a high-end commercial model with a clay interior and steel exterior, a small fuel door with a vent near the bottom, and an open top.


Permit Fees

Brook Park Charges $100 for all permits. I’m wondering what other cities are charging. Thank You, Bill Bennett Fire Prevention Officer Brook Park Fire Dept. 17401 Holland Rd. Brook Park, OH 44142 216-433-1215 [email protected] Phone: (216) 433-7205 Fax:     (216) 433-1445


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