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ABCO Helps to Promote Photoelectric Technology


Thanks to ABCO Fire Protection for helping to promote photoelectric smoke alarm technology and smoke alarm maintenance! They have recently placed our … [Read More...]

Lockdown Device Public Hearing Set For 3/4/16

From The Ohio Board of Building Standards:   NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice is hereby given that the Ohio Board of Building Standards … [Read More...]

OFOA-Ohio Fire Officials Association

NEOFPA supports and is a continuing member of OFOA. All NEOFPA Executive Board members are also members of OFOA. Any member of NEOFPA or the fire … [Read More...]

Mike Palumbo Benefit Raffle

Raffle flyer

  Raffle flyer … [Read More...]

OSFM Chief Deputy Fire Marshal Position Open

A job opportunity from the State Fire Marshal's Office: The Office of Human Resources is seeking to fill the position of Chief Deputy Fire Marshal … [Read More...]

Updated Timeline for Ohio Fire Code

From: COM SFM Ohio Fire Code Subject: 2017 Ohio Fire Code - timeline update Dear Stakeholders ~ As you should know, the State Fire Marshal is … [Read More...]

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Permit Fees

Brook Park Charges $100 for all permits. I’m wondering what other cities are charging.

Thank You,

Bill Bennett

Fire Prevention Officer
Brook Park Fire Dept.
17401 Holland Rd.
Brook Park, OH 44142

Phone: (216) 433-7205
Fax:     (216) 433-1445

Cell Phone Towers

I have a question about cell phone towers. We have three towers in our area. A Verizon tower, an FCC tower, and a CECOMS tower. These towers all have back up generators if I understand correctly. Does anybody else deal with these towers? I have no experience with them. Do [more…]

Fire Safety for the Hearing Impaired

Has anyone given Fire Safety Talks for the hearing impaired? If so would you be willing to share the material?

Don Reis
Independence FD

Electrical Fires in Sanyo Food Coolers

Has any one had fires with Sanyo coolers used for meat displays? I have had 4 in the same store with the lights used for display of the cooler.

Don Bell
Macedonia FD
(330) 468-8342

Fire Dampers

I have a situation where a modification was made to a business in a plaza and they were required to install fire dampers in the HVAC.
Do you know if there is normally a test of these (especially on a retro fit like this) or just a visual inspection of them?

John [more…]

Fire Alarms & Phone Lines

My Bldg. Commissioner informed me that within two yrs. the phone company will no longer maintain copper phone lines. Does anyone know how this may affect fire alarm systems?

Richard Ciarrone
Parma FD

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