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2016 NEOFPA Coloring Contest

NEOFPA announces our fourth annual fire safety coloring contest. The contest is open to third graders in schools within Northeast Ohio and will run … [Read More...]

Energizer Battery & Poster Giveaway Program

From Energizer: Battery & Banner Requests Attention firefighters! Each year as part of the Change Your Clock Change Your Batteries™ program, … [Read More...]

NEOFPA Films the First Earl Lee Warning PSA


Last night we filmed the first public service announcement (PSA) that will feature our animated superhero photoelectric smoke alarm character named … [Read More...]

NEO Regional Fusion Center Intelligence Liaison Officer (ILO) Class

A Notice From The Northeast Ohio Regional Fusion Center: The Northeast Ohio Regional Fusion Center (NEORFC) will be hosting a 1 day ILO (Intelligence … [Read More...]

Temporary Door Locking Device (TDLD’s) Rules Became Effective April 18, 2016

The final draft language for school temporary door locking devices (TDLD's) rules that were required to be written based on HB 64 have been completed, … [Read More...]

NEOFPA Appears on Fox8 to Promote Earl Lee Warning’s Message: “It’s Time For Change!”

Change Poster

NEOFPA members President John Desmarteau and Mike Girbino recently appeared on Cleveland's Fox8 News to promote changing your ionization smoke alarms … [Read More...]

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Smoke Alarms Malfunctioning

Our department is experiencing false alarms with Kidde Photoelectric smoke alarm model P9050. We have experienced this issue with 12 of the 150 alarms that we have installed in the last year.  After further investigation we have found that a small amount of dust is causing the smoke alarms [more…]

Burning of Incense in Office

Does anyone know if employees can burn incense in their office? The question came to me from the Health and Safety Specialist at North East Ohio Regional Sewer District.

Howard Selig
Assistant Chief
Cuyahoga Heights FD
(216) 641-2726

Fire Extinguisher Training Video

Does anyone have a good fire extinguisher training video I can get a copy of, or can you recommend one?

Don Reis
Independence fire department

Hot Air Balloons

Are there any fire codes concerning hot air balloons? One of our churches would like to have a hot air ballon ride at their carnival this year and I’m not seeing any regulations in the code. Would this be listed under an amusement ride?

Thanks for your help,

Richard Switzer
Fire District 27
60 [more…]

Emergency Power Standby Generator Testing

Could anyone enlighten me on the testing requirements for emergency standby generators. After reading NFPA 110 2010, it isn’t any clearer. We are specifically questioning annual load testing. Is that required? I understand the monthly testing. If that record is in place does that push load testing requirements to 36 [more…]

Tandoor Oven Best Practices

A restaurant customer recently came to us with the question of how to best handle his wood-burning tandoor oven at the end of the night. The tandoor oven itself is a high-end commercial model with a clay interior and steel exterior, a small fuel door with a vent near the [more…]

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