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NEO Regional Fusion Center intelligence Liaison Officer (ILO) Class

A Notice From The Northeast Ohio Regional Fusion Center: The Northeast Ohio Regional Fusion Center (NEORFC) will be hosting a 1 day ILO (Intelligence … [Read More...]

Temporary Door Locking Device (TDLD’s) Rules Became Effective April 18, 2016

The final draft language for school temporary door locking devices (TDLD's) rules that were required to be written based on HB 64 have been completed, … [Read More...]

NEOFPA Appears on Fox8 to Promote Earl Lee Warning’s Message: “It’s Time For Change!”

Change Poster

NEOFPA members President John Desmarteau and Mike Girbino recently appeared on Cleveland's Fox8 News to promote changing your ionization smoke alarms … [Read More...]

ABCO Helps to Promote Photoelectric Technology


Thanks to ABCO Fire Protection for helping to promote photoelectric smoke alarm technology and smoke alarm maintenance! They have recently placed our … [Read More...]

OFOA-Ohio Fire Officials Association

NEOFPA supports and is a continuing member of OFOA. All NEOFPA Executive Board members are also members of OFOA. Any member of NEOFPA or the fire … [Read More...]

OSFM Chief Deputy Fire Marshal Position Open

A job opportunity from the State Fire Marshal's Office: The Office of Human Resources is seeking to fill the position of Chief Deputy Fire Marshal … [Read More...]

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Hot Air Balloons

Are there any fire codes concerning hot air balloons? One of our churches would like to have a hot air ballon ride at their carnival this year and I’m not seeing any regulations in the code. Would this be listed under an amusement ride?

Thanks for your help,

Richard Switzer
Fire District 27
60 [more…]

Emergency Power Standby Generator Testing

Could anyone enlighten me on the testing requirements for emergency standby generators. After reading NFPA 110 2010, it isn’t any clearer. We are specifically questioning annual load testing. Is that required? I understand the monthly testing. If that record is in place does that push load testing requirements to 36 [more…]

Tandoor Oven Best Practices

A restaurant customer recently came to us with the question of how to best handle his wood-burning tandoor oven at the end of the night. The tandoor oven itself is a high-end commercial model with a clay interior and steel exterior, a small fuel door with a vent near the [more…]

Permit Fees

Brook Park Charges $100 for all permits. I’m wondering what other cities are charging.

Thank You,

Bill Bennett

Fire Prevention Officer
Brook Park Fire Dept.
17401 Holland Rd.
Brook Park, OH 44142

Phone: (216) 433-7205
Fax:     (216) 433-1445

Cell Phone Towers

I have a question about cell phone towers. We have three towers in our area. A Verizon tower, an FCC tower, and a CECOMS tower. These towers all have back up generators if I understand correctly. Does anybody else deal with these towers? I have no experience with them. Do [more…]

Fire Safety for the Hearing Impaired

Has anyone given Fire Safety Talks for the hearing impaired? If so would you be willing to share the material?

Don Reis
Independence FD

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